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 05-04-2017 01:50 AM

No broadband connection required.

 05-04-2017 03:12 AM
Hmm. Band 41 only. That won't be much use to rural users.

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 05-04-2017 03:20 AM
This could be a brilliant move by Sprint. They just need to make it cool yet like give you a prize if your phone happens to connect to one or make it like a treasure hunt (think "Pokémon Go").Or do "the T-mobile" and connect to a Magic Box 5 times and get a free Pizza.

Also great for the folks that just want to do there part towards getting better service.

Well can it use any Band 41 tower?
Like how many db can it operate decently on?
Because often Band 41 is nearby just not strong enough to be usable.
 05-04-2017 05:24 AM
What will make this usable or not will all depend on how much gain it gives to Band 41... If I put it in an area with a Band-25 only tower nearby but a further off Band 41 tower that otherwise has a very marginal signal, will it pull in the Band 41 signal from the slightly futher tower and give me the same Band 41 speeds that I would otherwise have if I was closer to that tower? Can it handle carrier aggregation? If it has enough gain that it can take a Band 41 signal that is just barely there and turn it into full service, that would be amazing.

I went ahead and requested 2 boxes -- one for my home account, and one for the business account. At home I have a very marginal Sprint signal indoors -- I can hold a call, but data is completely useless and is 3G only. Outdoors I have 0-1 bars of LTE which flips between Band 25 and Band 41. If the gain is good enough, it should be able to catch the Band 41 from the upstairs window and blanket my house and neighbors with 5 bars of fast data. At work we have 2 bars of indoor LTE -- but watching the engineering screen, the phones are *constantly* bouncing from Band 25 to Band 41 and to multiple towers in all directions -- our office is located in a wide open space in a valley with towers on the hills both east and west 1-2 miles out and on top of a building a little over a mile to the south. Battery life suffers, even though we can use our phones -- so it would be nice to have the phones lock on to one solid signal and stay there.

As for WiFi -- I would be happy to just leave it off... As it is, I have it on because of my house -- my Airave crapped out and Sprint is no longer replacing them -- the WiFi calling on my HTC is buggy at best... half the time it has a connection error or just sits on "connecting". Both mine and my partner's iPhones connect to it fine -- but it loves to drop calls when you go to answer; and on iPhones you can't specify WiFi networks to not turn the calling on -- so it tries to grab it in the middle of the street where Comcast has hotspots then drops any call we make when we move out of the hotspot... so we are constantly having to turn it on or off, or make it forget Comcast completely -- until we are in an area where Comcast wifi is the only usable data. In other words, WiFi calling is a huge pain and it's never been made completely seamless... if it bothers me (someone who is fairly tech savvy) I can only imagine the average consumer just keeps it off.

Also are we sure it is Band 41 only? I'm still digging to find specs and haven't pulled them up yet...

So I'm excited about this... I hope they hook me up with units in both places, and that it solves the issues.
 05-04-2017 05:53 AM
Sucks this won't help calling because Sprint doesn't have VoLTE..
 05-04-2017 09:58 AM
So are these essentially serving the same purpose as those "small cells" Sprint was/is deploying? BTW, what's the status on those anyway?

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