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 02-08-2018 02:10 PM
Hi everyone, I have had numerous complaints regarding my Note 8 and people not being able to hear me. Either my voice is going in and out or my voice is muffled. Has anyone else experience this issue with the note 8? I'm thinking it's a microphone issue but maybe someone knows a setting that can be tweaked? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
 02-13-2018 05:01 AM
Your mic is loaded with pocket lint. Blow it out.

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 02-14-2018 01:06 AM
Yes, i had the issue with mine to, but it would be random. I just got it replaced so let's see how that works out. I'm thinking it might be an issue with the background noise reduction the phone is trying to do.

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 02-14-2018 03:31 PM
Thanks I will try that. Hope it works. I hate getting a refurbished phone. I'm on the phone all day and the last thing I need is for my customers not able to make out what I am saying.

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