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 04-16-2018 07:28 PM
Me and the wife consider ourselves frugal and penny-pinch wherever we can to save money. I do like shopping online but I try to get the best deals possible including cash back if I can. Like I added three lines to my T-Mobile plan and got $105 cash back, plus the plans won't cost me nothing each month so it was a money maker.

I also needed a new phone pretty bad as my old AT&T phone that I was using on T-Mobile was pushing 4 to 5 years old and was stuck on official Android 4.4 KitKat without any hope of being updated. It was a wonderful phone for its time, even had better specs then the Samsung Note 2 but the Note 3 beat it in specs. So I splurged a little bit and picked up two of the lgv30 phones for T-Mobile because they were on BOGO special. It's only costing me 30 more per month for 2 years for me and the wife to have two really nice phones. Plus by purchasing them through Costco I got to $25 Costco cash cards along with two portable rechargeable battery packs. LG also had to free mini projectors by mail in rebate for buying the phones along with a second year warranty for free. But I also picked up a mint condition T-Mobile LG v20 for $142 off of eBay with last month's 20% off coupon. I probably shouldn't have gotten it considering I just bought the new v30s but I wanted to get one of those since it came out last year but I couldn't afford it financially, it still is a very powerful phone plus has some other features that the v30 doesn't have like the IR remote removable battery and the secondary display screen. I figured it would be a good backup 2nd phone or maybe to use when I'm out working on something and don't want to damage my my new phone. But I've also been given free phones and even garbage picked old phones that people to Simply throw away that I could sell online or sell for scrap value. I also picked up a ZTE quartz smartwatch for T-Mobile along with 2 Verizon wear24 smart watches on eBay. I sometimes feel guilty that I shouldn't be buying all this unnecessary stuff but I do often buy it either used for new after it's been discontinued or clearanced. I guess I have a weakness for phones and other Tech stuff and consider myself a tech Junkie LoL .

I guess what I'm saying though is you could be frugal and even poor and still have some nice things as long as you Shop Smart and know what you're doing to get the best deals out there. But I'm not selfish if I find a great deal on something I'll help the next person get the same great deal that I did and share my information with them I think that's fun as well to help other people at the same time!! Ron.

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 04-16-2018 08:05 PM
It's human nature to be jealous, totally ok.

Being broke sucks, we've all been there. Your situation is not permanent, in fact, there's only one direction from here: up. If you need help with money, pm me, or go to AlphasCCards on reddit. You won't become a millionaire, though, but a comfortable thousandaire like us degenerates lol.

My only advice to you is, don't quit your job, since you're tired of your current job, look for a less strenuous one as a front to mask your source of income, doing otherwise is just begging for Uncle Sam to look into your case.
 04-16-2018 08:18 PM
Re: Why anyone would spend $800 for a phone to jam in their pocket with coins and keys, drop or lose is beyond me.

I'll say why I do:
1) I use my iphone every day for banking, investing, communicating, share data on my iMac and Mac Book Pro, etc. Yes, I can probably get by with a cheaper phone, but I could've also bought a Ford Focus and not my 30K car.
2) I pass my phone down after one year to my son.
3) I don't spend hundreds on gambling or other vices.
4) I use screen protectors to protect from keys and coins and have Apple Care for damages.

But instead of being jealous (OP), stay in school or go back to school. Education is the key to success!
 04-16-2018 08:33 PM
Originally posted by SnowyWhite:
Online surveys and mow lawns with a manual push mower.

I'm livin' the dream baby!!

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I'm not rich by any means but I was able to buy the iPhone X at full price at launch. I never do contracts or leasing etc. Right now I'm on the free one year sprint plan so the phone paid for itself.

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 04-16-2018 08:56 PM
I was rich but my ex wife bankrupted me, I divorced her now. I am not rich anymore, working part time job. My iPhone 6S was my sister's phone, she sent it to me when she upgraded to the X
 04-16-2018 10:49 PM
You'll find a lot of those "rich folks" who always buy the latest phone are constantly neck-deep in debt, just managing to make monthly payments on a long list of expensive toys. They often post questions on how they can switch to a cheaper carrier without having to pay off thousands of dollars worth of phone payments.
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