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 08-13-2017 06:43 AM
What you are describing (and showing in the photos) is completely normal and typical for this type of (TFT) display. These types of displays have horrible viewing angles, and I usually can't stand them myself either. But I am somewhat forgiving of it on a $50 phone.

In my opinion this is not a defective phone, and you will not receive a better display if you exchange this for another LG Rebel. (my LG Rebel looks exactly the same as the photos at those angles.)

The only way to be sure to get a better display is to get a IPS display. (or a AMOLED, but those have other issues)
 08-13-2017 02:05 PM
Thank you for the info, toronado455. It's true, one can't expect too much at that price point. And it is a great deal with the service included. I'm okay with it now after hearing about the screen quality being normal. It's for my mom, who seldom uses her cellphone. At least she's set for another year. Thanks again!
 08-13-2017 02:06 PM
Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply!

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