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 07-12-2018 11:23 AM
Originally posted by djphilosophy:
Yes you can. But in regards to a hotspot, you're honestly probably better off using an old Android phone that supports hotspot and AT&T's LTE bands. Most of the hotspots I've seen available for cheap are **** as far as band support (e.g. the Netgear one that FP sells for use on AT&T).

I bought the Netgear Unite from FP a month ago and it works great. They say it’s refurbished but it looks damn near new to me. I got it for cheaper than they are advertising now on their site so they must have raised the price.
 07-12-2018 12:01 PM
Originally posted by frowertr:
I bought the Netgear Unite from FP a month ago and it works great. They say it’s refurbished but it looks damn near new to me. I got it for cheaper than they are advertising now on their site so they must have raised the price.

The issue with the Netgear Unite is it only supports *two* LTE bands: 4 and 17. AT&T uses those bands plus bands 2, 5, 29 & 30 (and maybe more new ones). Most phones with LTE will cover more than two LTE bands, getting you better coverage on AT&T plus the option to use T-Mobile or networks outside the US if it's unlocked. So if someone has an old LTE phone they're not using, and it particularly if it supports custom ROMs (for hotspot regardless of whether the carrier permits it), this can prove to be a better hotspot option.

I need to add that I've never used the 1-year LTE SIM in a broadband device, only the free Global and LTE SIM, so I am making an assumption that it will work. I'm assuming the APN settings are the same between the free AT&T LTE SIM and the 1-year AT&T LTE SIM. I don't know why they would be different.
 07-12-2018 12:48 PM
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Read the print. They charge with 20MB left according to the email I recieved this morning. I went in and axed my account as I am tired of playing their games. I gave them a second chance in May when they offered the Unite hotspot cheaper than anywhere else as I needed one for a road trip. It worked well but will go other ways of finding low cost data.

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 07-12-2018 01:12 PM
Well, it's been a nice 6 year run for me. At ~$20/month average I figure I've saved around $1500-$2000 over that period of time. I agree that using the "abuse" excuse is just marketing spin, but the reality is that in this business no plan lasts forever. Even full priced postpaid plans go away after a while and you're lucky if you get grandfathered. Heck, even providers can go away after a while unless you're AT&T or Verizon (T-Mobile almost went away and looks like Sprint definitely will go away). I'm with yeswap and boz1 in that I have GV/Hangouts and never used the FP app for calling/texting/VM so my exit plan is in place and has been from the start. I'll miss ya and look fondly back on you FP, but you're definitely circling the drain with this move. Time to move on.

Actually, I think I can still milk a few months out by rotating SIM cards once a week and firing up the old Sprint CDMA hotspot more often. Maybe I can make it to a 7th year.
 07-12-2018 04:36 PM
Originally posted by djphilosophy:
To me, their "abuse" message is just an excuse....

Yeah, I can understand how they may feel abused, but when you put a sign on your back that says, "Kick Me", you should expect to get kicked and not cry abuse. We did not abuse FP. We followed their rules. It is their right to change the rules.

My understanding is that they are a shoestring outfit operating on venture capital. Their paid service is mostly not competitive. For paid service there are better options. I don't see how they can continue in business in the long term.

I can probably get by with 250 MB a month (229 usable). I just use it for backup on a tablet for when I don't have Wifi, like for those rare occasions that I need to do GPS nav with data. Last I checked, my GPS nav trips have used 5-10 MB.

I have always found the VOIP calling on mobile data to be completely unreliable garbage. Congrats to those it works for.

Thanks for the good times that were FP.
 07-12-2018 05:56 PM
I understand that the paid options offered on the account page of the "free" SIMs are not competitive.

But if you're looking for AT&T LTE data, the FP plans I posted above really can't be beat.

On top of that, the 1GB and 5GB plans include UT&T over data that isn't counted against the included LTE data. As I've mentioned many times, I don't use that part of the FP service because I use GV+Hangouts over data, but FP's UT&T over data might be useful to some.
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