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 07-10-2018 10:41 PM
Originally posted by hyelton:
The Verizon network Extender in my opinion is not that great. But it also doesn't work at all for Verizon mvnos like Page Plus for example it won't work at all as of a few years ago anyway.

Hmmm... Duly noted.

Originally posted by hyelton:
But internet connection wise satellite would be a no go for it.

And yes it would be bad. Anything over 150ms I have issues with my voip phone (conversation delay wise). I will say the microcell handles it very well when I have high latency (when I'm using the full connection).

Gotcha. Well, I'll have more time to think about it, as I have decided to continue Total Wireless for another month (or two). Either way, I've installed the Google Hangouts dialer, which allows me to at least make outbound calls over WiFi, spoofed from my own phone number. I might just end up activating the Verizon Sim inside the RedPocket starter kit to ensure that there is no further loss in service and just live with the limitations of the existing setup. Between this and my FreedomPop phone, (on AT&T) I've got a near-unstoppable force of domestic reception. Maybe I'll revisit Sprint or Tmobile one of these years...

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