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 Sticky: Post Your 4G WiMAX Speeds!!
LP: 3 years ago by smith23
replies: 282, views: 65770

 Sticky: Clearwire vs "Clear"
LP: 5 years ago by 503ducati
replies: 5, views: 19015

 Sticky: WiMAX
LP: 6 years ago by 503ducati
replies: 4, views: 6671

 Dated WiMax Modem
LP: 10 days ago by HNME
replies: 0, views: 237

 Special Promotion for Clear Customers/Boost
LP: 1 year ago by hurricane36613
replies: 4, views: 7192

 WiMax Shutdown Put Off 90 Days By Court (unless appealed, limited to some only etc.)
LP: 1 year ago by Mrp Alert
replies: 4, views: 4899

 What are your post Clearwire plans?
LP: 1 year ago by jeffham
replies: 22, views: 6001

 Guard "protection" sites going offline; build out violation?
LP: 1 year ago by E_tron
replies: 0, views: 1083

 Clear: The Final Countdown...
LP: 1 year ago by Jack T. Chance
replies: 58, views: 11195

 Replacement for Clear Internet from 4G Antenna using TMobile Network
LP: 2 years ago by HansCT
replies: 16, views: 10129

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