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 Sticky: Feedback on this subforum
LP: 3 years ago by eohippus
replies: 21, views: 11791

 Google voice in 2018
LP: 1 day ago by Mosaic55
replies: 22, views: 2151

 voice calls don't connect
LP: 21 days ago by Relztrah
replies: 3, views: 700

 Moving abroad; when to initiate porting to GV?
LP: 1 month ago by robertjglenn
replies: 11, views: 1422

 Obi Sale
LP: 1 month ago by taoman54
replies: 7, views: 1452

 Can we still use Hangouts?
LP: 1 month ago by aenews
replies: 9, views: 1235

 Is there a way to have GV show the last name of contacts?
LP: 2 months ago by Relztrah
replies: 6, views: 616

 GV Alternative that will port in 907 number?
LP: 2 months ago by Boz1
replies: 1, views: 769

 Can't receive Hangouts calls to Android Tablet
LP: 2 months ago by bobdevnul
replies: 1, views: 582

 Can't Receive Calls form AT&T Wireless to my GV #
LP: 2 months ago by smtelegadis
replies: 15, views: 2096

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