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 Sticky: Forum Rules
LP: 6 years ago by Moderator HF 9
replies: 0, views: 11105

 Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test Results: POST EM' HERE!
LP: 1 hour ago by Checker79
replies: 13317, views: 2800409

 Sending phone for credit
LP: 2 hours ago by Teddeli
replies: 3, views: 365

 Network issues in the Chicago area...!!
LP: 2 hours ago by T-MOBILE GSM
replies: 32, views: 2875

 Verizon unlimited senior plan
LP: 15 hours ago by Orlimar1
replies: 15, views: 2583

 LTE Only Smartphones Compatible With Verizon
LP: 22 hours ago by tech_head
replies: 6, views: 351

 I'm getting a new Iphone...
LP: 22 hours ago by tech_head
replies: 17, views: 1533

 Chicago Service
LP: 23 hours ago by GusHerb94
replies: 25, views: 954

 VW June 30th VOLTE only service
LP: 1 day ago by Jack Hagar
replies: 80, views: 5674

 Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)
LP: 1 day ago by skyethur
replies: 43, views: 6572

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