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 Sticky: Forum Rules
LP: 6 years ago by Moderator HF 9
replies: 0, views: 11390

 Verizon won't activate my iPhone 5S - No longer activating non HD-supported devices?
LP: 2 hours ago by Barry K. Nathan
replies: 65, views: 2824

 verizon to stop activiating 3G phones
LP: 4 hours ago by @TheRealDanny
replies: 2, views: 140

 Is Verizon still running Alltel towers?
LP: 4 hours ago by vanko987
replies: 9, views: 781

 Verizon and 5g?
LP: 4 hours ago by Jack Hagar
replies: 7, views: 304

 Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test Results: POST EM' HERE!
LP: 6 hours ago by GusHerb94
replies: 14192, views: 2986212

 Markets with 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM ?
LP: 6 hours ago by Checker79
replies: 17, views: 785

 Verizon touts LTE Advanced deployments, other milestones
LP: 8 hours ago by VVivian
replies: 4, views: 269

 No Canada Signal on Samsung Galaxy S9 World Phone
LP: 18 hours ago by oldnfit66
replies: 13, views: 1061

 Dumb question about VZW and an LTEiRA partner
LP: 22 hours ago by SoNic67
replies: 11, views: 890

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