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 Sticky: Forum Rules
LP: 6 years ago by Moderator HF 9
replies: 0, views: 10551

 Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test Results: POST EM' HERE!
LP: 4 minutes ago by GusHerb94
replies: 12278, views: 2586091

 Excessive band 2 power levels
LP: 2 hours ago by weskeene
replies: 11, views: 371

 Go Unlimited to get Canada/Mexico roaming and calling January 25th
LP: 2 hours ago by i0wnj00
replies: 27, views: 1063

 Verizon Small Cell/oDAS Thread
LP: 3 hours ago by Wide_opeN
replies: 588, views: 60115

 vzw sucks on long island
LP: 4 hours ago by 10mm
replies: 8, views: 568

 Activate non-Verizon Apple Watch
LP: 8 hours ago by october262
replies: 1, views: 210

 Why do you all stay with Verizon
LP: 1 day ago by dalbrich
replies: 203, views: 9378

 bought brand-new Verizon phone on Swappa, but ESN became blacklisted 8 months later
LP: 1 day ago by warriorpluto
replies: 75, views: 4711

 How much data have you used on your Unlimited Plan?
LP: 2 days ago by WiredGuy
replies: 99, views: 4659

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