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 Sticky: Is it possible to port a number out but keep the line active?
LP: 3 hours ago by veriztd
replies: 80, views: 895687

 Sticky: Unlock Cingular AT&T: How to Unlock your Cingular AT&T cellphone to any GSM network
LP: 13 days ago by cellunlocker1
replies: 207, views: 80060

 Sticky: AT&T - Feature Codes... (PART II)
LP: 27 days ago by pfwarrior
replies: 1189, views: 388777

 AT&T 4G HSPA+/LTE Speedtests!
LP: 2 hours ago by BentleyBeard
replies: 12602, views: 762377

 Porting into AT&T from Verizon - now they call Verizon and have you verify the info
LP: 3 hours ago by VerizonNoMore
replies: 2, views: 183

 Carrier aggregation band combinations
LP: 3 hours ago by Barney Bounds
replies: 16, views: 753

 Nationwide VoLTE outage - 11/15/2017
LP: 6 hours ago by tsalisbury0
replies: 52, views: 2667

 Any good Black Friday deals for new customers?
LP: 7 hours ago by imekul
replies: 12, views: 776

 AT&T Markets Without Low-Band
LP: 10 hours ago by jakeuten
replies: 83, views: 5400

 Old Retention Plan review?. Anything better? Gurus Help!
LP: 14 hours ago by synonys
replies: 4, views: 489

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