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 Sticky: The Monster USCC Off-Topic Thread
LP: 6 days ago by ilvla2
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 Sticky: USCC FAQ: Last updated on 11/8/13 - Please read before posting questions!
LP: 8 years ago by tearsonurcheek
replies: 30, views: 286230

 US Cellular Speedtests
LP: 7 days ago by Weatheronthe8s
replies: 18, views: 2197

 U.S. Cellular expects revenues from commercial LTE fixed wireless services in 2018
LP: 2 months ago by @TheRealDanny
replies: 0, views: 675

 Verizon iPhone on US Cellular
LP: 3 months ago by Parker5011
replies: 3, views: 1288

 What cellular service should I go with?
LP: 4 months ago by mch
replies: 2, views: 987

 U.S. Cellular to offer free iPhone 8
LP: 5 months ago by @TheRealDanny
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 US Cellular (Walmart Edition)
LP: 6 months ago by Popasmurf
replies: 0, views: 570

 Phone Secretly Gets Roaming LTE from Sprint
LP: 6 months ago by Weatheronthe8s
replies: 3, views: 1046

 U.S. Cellular 5G Fixed Wireless Tests: 8.5 Gbps Using Macrocell Antennas at 28 GHz
LP: 6 months ago by ilvla2
replies: 0, views: 669

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