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 Smartphone and Wearables Discussion
Talk about Apple here

Formerly RIM

Discuss other smart devices here.

 Non-Smartphone/Basic/Feature Phone Discussion
Don't forget to check out the Nokia FAQ and Nokia Modding sections.

Don't forget to check out the SEMC FAQ and SEMC Modding sections.

Don't forget to check out the Motorola FAQ and Motorola Modding sections.

Maker of the Hiptop and Sidekick

    UT Starcom / Audiovox
    Japanese Phones
Sharp | Panasonic | Others (Mitsubishi, NEC, etc)

    Other Manufacturers
Such as Sendo, Siemens, BenQ, InnoStream, Mitac, Mitsubishi, NEC, Ningbo Bird, Sagem, VTech, etc.

 US Carrier Discussion
US GSM/WCDMA/LTE provider. Formerly Cingular Wireless

AT&T Phone Discussion

US CDMA provider

Sprint Phone Discussion

    Verizon Wireless
US CDMA/LTE provider

Verizon phone discussion

Nationwide HSPA+/LTE/ Wi-Fi calling Service Provider

T-Mobile Phone Discussion

US CDMA provider

US CDMA provider

US 3G & 4G (WiMAX) Provider

    Regional Providers and Other Providers
Revol | nTelos

 Canadian Carrier Discussion
    Bell Mobility
Canadian CDMA and HSPA provider

Virgin Mobile | Solo Mobile | Lucky Mobile

    TELUS Mobility
Canadian CDMA, HSPA and iDEN provider
Koodo Mobile | Public Mobile

    Freedom Mobile (previously Wind Mobile)
Powered by Shaw

    Regional Canadian Providers
tbaytel | Eastlink |
MTS | Sasktel | Aliant | Videotron

    Canadian Wireless Industry Discussion
Discuss the Canadian Wireless Industry, CRTC, acquisitions and the political side of the telco's here.

 US Prepaid/MVNO Discussion
    General Prepaid discussion
Discuss any prepaid provider (including Ting, Republic, Simple Mobile, and others) here!

    Boost Mobile
US CDMA/LTE provider/Sprint subsidiary

    Virgin Mobile USA
US CDMA/LTE provider/Sprint subsidiary

    T-Mobile prepaid
US GSM/HSPA+/LTE provider

    AT&T Prepaid (formerly GoPhone)

US GSM/WCDMA/LTE provider/AT&T subsidiary

US CDMA/GSM/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary

    Verizon Prepaid
US CDMA/LTE provider

    Straight Talk
US CDMA/GSM/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary

US CDMA/GSM provider/T-Mobile subsidiary

    Page Plus Cellular
US CDMA/LTE provider/América Móvil subsidiary

    h2o Wireless
US GSM/HSPA+/LTE provider/KDDI subsidiary


    Google Project Fi
US LTE/Wi-Fi provider

 Canadian Prepaid/MVNO Discussion
    Virgin Mobile Canada
A Division of Bell Mobility

    Solo Mobile
A Division of Bell Mobility

    Koodo Mobile
A Division of Telus Mobility

    chatr wireless
A Division of Rogers Wireless

A Division of Rogers Wireless

    General Canadian Prepaid/MVNO discussion
Talk about your favorite Canadian prepaid providers / MVNO's here!

    Roam Mobility
 General Mobile Discussion Forums
    General Mobile Questions and Discussion
CDMA, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, wireless data, news articles, etc. and

any issues covering multiple providers/manufacturers.

    General Wireless Industry
Discuss the general wireless industry, investing, acquisitions and the political side of telecoms here

    Provider Rants, Kudos and Recommendations
Does your provider keep overbilling you? Did you just sign a contract to find out that your phone is constantly searching for a signal? Rant Here! (Please keep the rules in mind when posting here)

    Phone Battle and Comparison
Stuck between two phones? Can't make up your mind about any phone on a provider? Ask your questions here

    Satellite Phones and Services
Discuss satellite phones and services here

    Mobile Phone Reviews
Share your experiences with your favourite (or least favourite phone) here! Not sure what to write? Check out our reviews for ideas!

    Landline Replacement / VOIP
Have you swapped your landline for a mobile phone or VOIP recently? Talk about you experiences here.

    Bluetooth Forum
Talk about your Bluetooth stuff here!

    Mobile Developers Forum
Discuss mobile application development issues. e.g. games development, wap development etc.

 European Carrier Discussion Forums
    European Carrier Discussion
Discuss European carriers (T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Telefonica, 3, and others) here.

 Mobile Services
    Google Voice
    Google Sync
Discuss Gmail, Google Calendar, here

 Bundled Media Service Discussion
    U.S. Bundled Media Service Discussion
AT&T U-verse
Verizon FIOS
Time Warner
Other Providers

    Canadian Bundled Media Service Discussion
Bell Canada
Other Providers

 Buy/Sell/Trade/Fraud Department

Have a mobile-related referral to share? Post it here! Please read the rules first

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